Ethical Christmas Gifts 2018

Christmas present

I have to confess: I did not do that well on ethical Christmas gifts this year.  I wanted to get all my shopping done early (which I did) so I did not spend enough time trying to find local and sustainable products to fulfill my list. But we all know perfection is not possible, so I’m celebrating my wins and hoping to do better in the future.


Small business

I bought a couple of bracelets on etsy for my sisters.  They are trendy now and I put a saying on them that’s special to us.  Sentimental, cost-friendly, and supports an individual maker.  Win.


For my husband, dad, and brother-in-law, I bought these collapsible coffee cups.  They’ll reduce the amount of disposable coffee cups that my family will use.  When the cups are no longer usable,  they’re made of recyclable material.

Companies that give back

As a present “for my husband” (it was really for me), I bought this enamel steel mug with the John Muir quote, “The Mountains are Calling”.  This company, United by Blue, cleans up a pound of trash from the nation’s waterways for each product sold.  Plus, it’s a super instagrammable mug 🙂

Compostable wrapping paper

Pretty self-explanatory.  It’s super cute though, and I bought enough designs (here’s one) to have one for each member of the family.  They’re reversible so it gives you more options.  The paper even comes with compostable gift tags.

Spending Limit

Another win this year was convincing my family that we needed a spending limit for the adults in the family.  It wasn’t as low as I wanted, but it was a good compromise that meant I didn’t go crazy and regret it later when the credit card bill came due.

Lessons Learned

While getting things done quickly has its benefits, I need to take a little extra time next year to slow down and consider ethical alternatives.  I’m not beating myself up too much though, because I did make some better choices this year.  The goal is progress, not perfection.

To see my Christmas gives from last year, look here.

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