Eco-Friendly Food Storage Reviews

Glass meal prep food storage

We all know that cooking is the best option for budgeting. And not using takeout containers is better for the environment.  But with all that cooking comes a need for food storage- both for leftovers and packing lunch for work. “Most” Tupperware is safe for repeated use. However, certain plastic food storage options may leach out harmful chemicals. I tested out a few types of storage options, and here’s what I found:

Glass Pyrex Containers

Take your Tupperware and upgrade it! Glass containers are great for a classic feel without the potential of harmful plastic. Glass also doesn’t stain when you heat up tomato based products.


Durable, easy to clean, fits a lot of food, comes in many sizes.


Can be heavy/bulky, may be too big or the wrong size for certain leftovers.


I tried this alternative to Saran Wrap made out of bees wax.  Its a great idea but honestly, I’m just not the right customer for it.  If you use it on anything messy, it’s not easy to clean.  You have to use soap and water, and keep it away from heat. Which means no dishwasher.  It’s also supposed to mold to the shape of whatever you’re trying to cover with the heat of your hands, but I found that difficult. I would take my hard-boiled eggs with turmeric in one wrap and an apple in a larger wrap.  I felt like over time, the apple wrap wouldn’t seal as easily.  It’s still useful  for halves of lemons or things I’m not transporting.  But I just composted the wraps that got dirty from daily use.


Comes in different sizes and fun colors, flexible for many uses. It’s compostable when you’re done with it (the website suggests replacing after a year).


Hard to clean, not always easily sealed.


These are new (at least to me) food envelopes. They’re made from food-grade silicon, and come in a few sizes.  They’re advertised as usable for cooking, sous-vide-ing, pickling, baking, and more. My favorite feature: they’re dishwasher safe!  I popped mine on the top shelf of the dishwasher after a week of my turmeric eggs, and it came out like new.  


Versatile, easy to clean, did I mention versatile?


Not for large items or anything that would need protection.  I wouldn’t put a whole meal in one unless that whole meal is a sandwich.

Bottom Line:

There’s no perfect container for all of your food storage needs.  I use a combination of glassware, beeswrap, and stasher containers at home/work.  Do you have a favorite eco-friendly food storage option?  Leave a comment below!

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