July Budget Challenge – New Job Negotiations


My July budget challenge is a bit of a cheat (spoiler alert, so is my August budget challenge).  I got a new job this month and realized I needed to negotiate the starting salary.  Here are my thoughts on the negotiations:

Pre-Negotiation Thoughts

I didn’t want to negotiate at first.  I wanted to just take the job and be happy for it.  But I figured I should at least ask – not only for myself, but for womankind.  Yes, I know that sounds cheesy. But it helped me to get out of my “me” mindset and into a “doing it for the common good mindset” to give myself some more courage.

Negotiation Research

If you read up on negotiation (which of course I did), the first rule is to research similar salaries.  This was a little bit harder for me. The company is smaller than my last two jobs. There are many variables within similar companies. To complicate matters, there are even variables within departments of the same company.  So my research didn’t help much.  I had to rely on gut reaction and percentages.

Negotiation Experience

I received the offer on Thursday, and I had until Monday to get back in touch.  I had the chance to talk with some friends and family to hype me up for the call over the weekend.  I called back my point person Monday at 8:30 a.m., after an excruciatingly long morning.  She didn’t answer so I left a message.  After an excruciatingly long late-morning and early afternoon, she called back around 2:30 p.m.
I told her my counter offer and she said she’d have to talk to HR.  Two more excruciatingly long hours later, we had a deal.  It was a compromise between our two numbers, of course. But I was excited that they worked with me on it and I am excited to get to work with them.  

Biggest Takeaway

Remember your excitement! Be excited about the opportunity and the people, but also be excited about what you can bring to the job.

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