June Budget Challenge – Public Transit

Bus interior
For my June budget challenge, I tried to take public transit or walk every time that I was tempted to take a lift.  I had …. moderate success.  As part of my May Challenge, I got a pass from our public transit system so I don’t have to have tokens or exact change anymore.  Now I can use the bus easily if I don’t have time to walk.


The first half of the month, I did really well.  I only took a lyft seven times for the first 15 days of the month.  I took one lyft between two appointments I didn’t have time to walk.  Four of those lyfts were in a different city. There was less widely-available public transit.  The remaining two lyfts were late at night. At that point, public transit wasn’t feasible and walking was not as safe.
I also didn’t take a lyft to work all month.  

Places to Improve

The second half of the month, I seemed to take a lot of lifts between 4 to 8 pm.  This seems like I could have planned better to get where I was going on time and not need to take lyfts.  
Speaking of planning better, some of the late nights rides were going home from the office, due to a late night. I could have prevented some of these by being more efficient at work.
Finally, I could’ve done a better job in knowing the bus routes.  One time, I took the bus the wrong way for like twenty minutes.  Whoops.


Planning is key when it comes to getting places in the city.  First, planning my events so that I have sufficient margin in my schedule to get to everything.  Second, planning ahead by knowing the bus schedule and how to get where I’m going.  Third, planning to leave the house on time is so I can walk or take the bus. Instead, sometimes I try to get one more thing done, but then run out of time for the longer commute. Then I have to take a ride sharing service.

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