May Budget Challenge – Reduce Common Expenses

This month, I tried to do some cost-savings efforts for some of my major expenses: groceries, lyft, and cable.  We spent an average of $610 a month on groceries this year, almost $200 on lyft/uber (yikes!), and $140ish on cable, Hulu, and Netflix.  So these are some major expenses.  So I worked this month to reduce these expenses.

grocery savings

Groceries Savings

Time Spent: 10 minutes

Money Saved: ??

To save a little on groceries, I signed up for the shop rite loyalty card.  I didn’t take much time but it won’t save much each time.  It will add up though, so I’m convinced it’s worth a few minutes and zero dollars.



Lyft Savings

Time Spent: 15 minutes

Money Saved: at least $2 per ride skipped

I spend at least $4.50 on each time I take a lyft, and I’ve been taking a lot of lyfts to work recently…oops.  So I signed up for a SEPTA Key Card from our local transit system to be able to take the bus to work instead.  It is super convenient and only $2.50 per ride.  Especially since the lyft is at minimum $2 more, this will be a huge savings each month.


Cable Savings

Time Spent: Like an hour…

Money Saved: $20/month, sort of

Cable is the biggest pain in my butt.  I keep trying to cut the cord, but I can’t find a way to get internet and the sports channels we need.  This was a whole fiasco.  First I tried to get the service Trim to get a better deal. Then I tried to get Verizon’s chatbot option to get me a better deal.  Both fell through.  Actually, the chatbot tried to get me to pay MORE for my current service.  My monthly price was about to go up by $40/month so this month was go-time to get a better deal.
I thought that switching to Comcast would get me a better deal, so I called Verizon to cancel. They offered me a pretty good deal (still $10 more than I pay now) but still not as good as Comcast said theirs would be.  I set a cancel date.  Then when I went all the way through the Comcast check out system I realized it wouldn’t be as good of a deal. I got an email with a very similar deal, so I tried to use that link but the website said “processing” for a few days.  I tried to call Verizon to confirm that, but I got a much pushier,salesperson.  He said he couldn’t get me that deal.  He could only get me a price that was $10 more than those earlier deals.  While this is more that I’m currently paying, it is less than it would’ve been under the price hike.  I’m calling it a win, albeit a very annoying one.
I also downgraded my Hulu subscription to the one with commercials, so that’s a few extra bucks a month.


These were small steps, and mostly small savings, but they will add up over time.  Less than two hours of work was a good investment for these simple steps.

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