Garden Update – Transplanting

As y’all know, I’m trying to overcome my black thumb and grow a nice garden this year.  I used a seed starter kit and some vegetable seeds a few weeks ago to get started.  This week was time to transplant.


I bought a raised bed planter off of Amazon and three bags of organic potting material from Home Depot.  I also had two smaller bags of potting mix from the compost company I use. (More on that to come in a later post).  It is entirely possible that I killed some/most of the vegetables between the seed starter kit and the planter.  The seedlings looked wilted when I went to go get them to transplant. There was water in the starter tray so I’m not sure what happened.  Then they were really hard to gently get them out of the tray without feeling like I was hurting the roots.  I’m not the best at reading instructions all the way through before doing something. Apparently I put the seed pots in the starter tray wrong when I planted them, so I wonder if that contributed to it.  We’ll have to see what grows, maybe some of the seedlings are hardier than I giving them credit for.  I also planted the roots of some green onions and garlic in the planter with them.


New Purchases

I have concluded that my hydrangea from last year officially kicked the bucket.  Aldi had some for sale the other week (impulse buy) and I repotted that into the pot that my old plant was in.  I put the old plant in my dog’s area, which seems like it would be the final nail in its coffin.  But maybe we’ll get a hydrangea miracle and it’ll come back to life there.  I also finally put the bushes I bought the other week in my dog’s area.  She is already excited to dig them back up but for now they look good.

I bought some tools to water my plants without thinking about it.  (These and this).

I also bought a butterfly bush in order to make my patio a little more pollinator friendly.


Million Pollinator Garden Challenge

I recently found this blog on Green Philly about the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge.  Because of that, I also decided to get a butterfly bush and bird bath.  I’m not sure how long the butterfly will last in even the large container that I got for it.  I’m first worried about keeping it alive, and we’ll go from there.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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