TBT: Christmas Gifts 2017

As I have mentioned before, I started this blog long before I launched it public. For today’s Throwback Thursday, I’m posting a Christmas Gifts article. I planned for this to be the first installment in a three-part series but only wrote the one post. Instead of stressing about what I didn’t have time to do, I will simply present this part. Without further ado, here’s my Christmas Gifts 2017 recap:
Hello world!
This Christmas season was one where I truly started to think about the impact of what I was buying for others.  Despite my Amazon addiction, I found some gifts I was proud to give.  Here are some highlights of what I gave to my family:
I went on a major shopping spree on Pact Apparel for my little niece. Well, she’s still in utero currently so I guess the gifts were for my sister and brother-in-law.  Their products are all organic cotton, sweatshop free, and child-labor-free.  Even better, their baby onesies are ADORABLE.  I had to take some out of my cart because I loved so many! They have both short-sleeve and long-sleeve “snapsters” so I got a variety.  
I also got her a bunch of books.  I believe in starting them young when it comes to important issues. When I saw this Elle article about a baby feminist library, I put them all in my Amazon cart.  I only ended up getting eight or so, but my sister loved the variety that the list had.  Warning though, Padmini is Powerful is about Hindu deities.  The Elle article mentions it but I must not have been paying attention. Since my sister’s family is not Hindu, I put that one aside for the thrift shop.
The strong woman book theme continued for the other strong women in my life.  I attended the PA Conference for Women earlier this year (with Mindy Kaling, my imaginary BFF!) and Anita Hill spoke/signed some books.  She did not do a signing, but left a bunch of signed books at their bookshop, so I grabbed her book for my mom.  
Since I’m a lawyer, I’m also obsessed with the Notorious RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsberg for the non-fangirls).  I had heard a podcast that mentioned her book of compiled writings, which start when she is 13.  I have a 13-year old sister so that was a no-brainer for me.  My sis is a budding fashionista, so I also had to show her this article (caution: strong language) about RBG’s many jabots.
This is a stretch but technically I was supporting two small businesses with my purchase of a bunch of Portuguese beads for my little sister.  She has a jewelry business (which you can use your Prime account to buy!) and when my husband and I were in Lisbon in November, we saw the cutest little shop with beads and fun jewelry.  I grabbed all of the beads that I thought were unique-looking and brought them home to her.  Now she can make more awesome jewelry.  Win-win all around.

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