Black Thumb Therapy – How Does Your Garden Grow?

My history with plants

I have never been good with a garden.  It is certainly not genetic, as my mom keeps beautiful plants around our house.  I think it stems from a bit of laziness, or forgetfulness, or just too many things on my to-do list.  But I would love to have pretty flowers and home-grown vegetables.  So I try every year.  Last year, I even built our dog a little enclosure where she can go to the bathroom.  I filled it with dirt, some little bushes, and rocks.  She destroyed it within a few weeks.  This year was no exception to my gardening desires.  I went on a major shopping spree to Home Depot then filled in the gaps with some Amazon items.

What I bought

Home Depot (Amazon links for convenience, where I could find them)

  • A seed starter kit (this but the 36 cell variety)
  • A fish tank garden kit – this was a complete impulse buy, and probably not worth the price tag
  • A lemon tree
  • A blueberry tree
  • A basil plant
  • Self-watering tomato plant
  • Impatiens – not only a description of me, though misspelled, but apparently an easy-to-grow plant
  • Two hosta plants and two grassy bushes – Elle will certainly dig these up.
  • A few other flowers that I don’t recall.  See what I mean about not being a gardener?


  • Vegetable seeds – I planted the tomatoes, broccoli, bok choy, kale, carrots, spinach, and cucumbers
  • These aero garden pods.  We got two aero gardens as wedding presents.  I previously tried to grow herbs in them but they got too bushy and overwhelming.  I’m trying wildflowers in our office and tomatoes in our kitchen.

I planted them all.  I will still need to invest in a raised planter for the vegetables once they outgrow their seed start tray, so I’m not done spending money just yet.  I will update y’all as I go along.  Wish me luck!

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