November Grocery Budget Check-In

I kept well within my budget this month, spending $334 on groceries this month.  That’s not exactly what we consumed in groceries, since I bought groceries at the very end of October as well. But we also pre-spent $200 on our CSA so that makes it a pretty good approximation of what we spent for November’s food.
Fresh Grocer
In October, I spent $75 at the Fresh Grocer.  This was before I found their grass-fed meats section so it’s a bit low. I also had a $10 coupon they sent me, which is why I shopped there at all.  I did drive there, which is not the most eco-friendly way to shop, obviously. It’s pretty close though and it allows me to buy a little more in bulk because I don’t have to carry it.  I tried to pick produce based on sales.
I bought eggs and apples for breakfasts; deli meat, carrot slices, and snap peas for lunches. I also bought various meats and veggies for dinners
As I said, we filled up our CSA balance with $200.  The way our CSA works is that you prepay so that the farmers have some guaranteed income (as I understand it). Then we pick what we want out of the weekly offerings and that price comes out of your balance. 
Our first order was:
Product Price Qty
Beef: Ground Patties $11.99 1
Chicken Sausage: Broccoli Rabe $9.99 1
Chicken: Whole $4.00 1
Pork: Chipped Deli Ham $12.00 1
Soup: Rustic Lentil Soup with Kale and Potatoes $12.50 1
Grains: Incan Quinoa Blend $6.50 1
Ketchup $5.00 1
Cauliflower: Purple $4.99 1
Potatoes: Red $3.99 1
Apples: Gala $4.49 1
Beans: Green $3.99 1
Kale: Curly Green $2.99 1
Egg Subscription $4.50 1



You can see my eggs and apples for breakfast again. I took the ham and soup to work (I still had snap peas and carrots from Fresh Grocer). The rest is for dinners.
Our second order was pretty similar:
Product Price Qty
Beef: Ground Patties $11.99 1
Chicken Sausage: Sundried Tomato & Basil $9.99 1
Chicken: Thighs $4.75 1
Frozen: Green Beans $5.49 1
Pork: BBQ Pulled Pork $11.99 1
Pork: Chops $15.59 1
Turkey: Hot Italian Ground Sausage $10.99 1
Turkey: Smoked Boneless Breast $13.38 1
Beans: Dried Garbanzo (OG) $6.50 1
Sweet Potatoes: Beauregard Fingerling $6.99 1
Apples: Gala $4.49 1
Carrots: Loose $4.99 1
Squash: Delicata $4.75 1
Mushrooms: Cremini $5.99 1
Egg Subscription $4.50 1



You can see here that I did some frozen vegetables to save a little money. Also fall vegetables are not always my jam.  I did get delicata squash, which I ended up liking a lot more than most squash.  I also got garbanzo beans thinking I would make hummus for my vegetables at work, but that never happened.  Those are still in my cabinet though, so maybe next month!  The sweet potatoes I used for a yamola casserole for Thanksgiving.
Our third order was also in November but fed us in December so I will discuss next month.
I spent $57 on groceries through Instacart to prep for Thanksgiving.  I made the aforementioned yamola casserole, and biscuits with a variety of toppings.  It’s not very budget-friendly for me to use Instacart since I get charged a delivery fee. Sometimes your sanity is worth those few bucks.  
I spent a total of $76 in various smaller increments throughout the month.  I didn’t keep great track of what this was, but I’m assuming it’s primarily for snacks during the workday.  Since I’ve been eating a pretty monotonous lunch, I splurge on some snacks to get me through the day.
Thanksgiving helped us a lot this month. While we contributed to the meals, we took home far more leftovers than we brought. So we had plenty to eat the week after Thanksgiving.  But even with that, we stayed within our budget so that’s looking good so far.  I do wonder how long I’ll last with these boring lunches though.  It’s very hard to find something that I don’t have to cook, that’s cheap, and that’s gluten free/healthy.

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