March Budget Challenge

For March, my challenge was to get my taxes done (a challenge given to me by Uncle Sam), and use the refund in a productive manner.


For my taxes, I used Turbotax.  This is not an ad, it’s just what my mom used so I use it too.  I also got a discount through my retirement plan so that sealed the deal.  Pro tip if you donate to charity, the makers of Turbotax have an app called ItsDeductible. It keeps track of all of those donations throughout the year and imports them into your taxes when it’s time.  The same people also make Mint, which I plan on discussing in a future post.  I really should get an additional discount for how much I tell people about these apps.


No, I don’t plan on telling you how much I got back.  But here is how I spent it:
  • Paid off my credit card debt: it wasn’t huge but I made sure that the first thing I did was to pay off both of my cards.
  • Invested in myself: I bought the domain names for some websites, as well as some logos for my work.
  • Save: after using a very small percentage on the above two, I saved the rest.  I have a high-interest savings account which I decided was the best place for that money right now.  Your needs may be different than ours or may change over time.   Right now I wanted it to earn interest but still be  liquid, in case we need it later.
This was the simplest month so far! Next month: income-generating websites.

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